CHFX Rate Protect! Lock in today's
rate & pay up to
12 months later!*

  • Take advantage of live exchange rates
  • CASH FLOW: No need to pre-fund your account to BUY your currency!
  • You decide the date your SELL funds will arrive!
  • Do all this from our online platform or by phone
* a small deposit is required after the currency has been purchased.
Purchased currency can be partially of fully released upon receipt of equivalent SELL funds.
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How does it work?

Exchange & transfer your currency in 4 simple steps

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    Select Buy/Sell Currency Step 2
    Specify the currency & amounts you want to SELL and BUY Step 3
    Select the date you want your SELL funds to arrive Next Step
  • Agree and click EXECUTE TRADE Next Step
  • You will receive a trade confirmation by email Next Step
  • Click anywhere here to review your trade More Details
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    Clicking here shows you where to send your SELL funds Step 2
    Don't forget to click "NOTIFY FUNDS SENT"
    Add a new bank account here
    Click here to select a destination bank account
    Save your payment & you're done!

Why use CHFX?

Start exchanging the smart way today!

Follow the simple steps to open a personal or corporate account. Even better, it’s FREE and there is no obligation to trade. Just buy your currency if and when you need to.

We take a much smaller margin than banks will charge. There is also no commission and no hidden costs. The amount of currency we quote is the amount that you will receive.

All currency purchases are entitled
to a FREE same day international
payment via SWIFT.

Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority,
The Payment Services Regulations and HMRC
in the UK. All client funds are safeguarded in
segregated accounts

There is no need to pre-fund your
account to buy your currency. You decide
the date your SELL funds will arrive!

Lock in today's rate and pay up to
12 months later!

Start Exchanging Today!

Make international payments on the go now with CHFX.

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